Menswear Latest Fashion Trends This Holiday Season - What You Should Wear


Menswear this holiday season - What to wear


The holiday seasons are filled with festivities; ranging from corporate parties to family gatherings. There’s no better way to celebrate than to coordinate the attending event with an appropriate apparel.  Wondering where to start? Or what’s even in style? No problem just step right into Kalamazoo Custom Tailoring; where they have all the latest styles for any event.


What to wear to a company party?


Work events typical call for a more casual look. Everyone is excited for the holidays and ready for time off with the family. Enjoy your work party with a casual and simple look. For this, you can leave the tie at home. Wear a nice blazer with dress pants or dress jeans. A well-tailored button-down dress shirt that compliments your blazer and pants.


 Casual Winter Red Blazer



                                                  Jeans and Blazer


What to Wear - Work Party

  • Casual Blazer
  • No Tie
  • Dress Pants  
  • Dress Jeans  
  • Dress Casual Shoes
  • Suede Jacket
  • Dress Shirt  
  • Belt  

    What to wear at Black Tie Events?

    We have noticed over the years that more formal events like black tie events happen during the holidays. Many people think that normal business wear with a black tie will get the job done. But black Tie events are typically a formal event so the typical business wear is not recommended. During this formal occasion, a black tux is always the best option. We recommend wearing a white dress shirt, a black bow tie or tie. Pairing those up with a black tuxedo jacket will get you a simple but classic look when attending a black-tie event.   



    Black Suede Dinner Jacket - Want to stand out from the rest



    This beautiful black suede dinner jacket will be sure to get people to notice you. This is a perfect winter blazer that you can wear more than once. Dress this up to any formal event or dress it down for a more relaxed look.

    What to Wear - Black Tie


    We all know how expensive the holidays can get.  Don't let all the different events and parties burn your holiday budget. KCT style experts will suit you for any occasion at the most affordable price! Stop in today or shop online!


    Sharing is the stylish thing to do. Tell us what you plan to wear this holiday season leave a comment below!


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