Prom Deal Indigo Tuxedo + WhiteShirt + Any Bowtie

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Why rent high? When you can BUY low. 

BUY our best selling indigo tuxedo with any classic bowtie and a white dress shirt. 


Slim fitting tuxedo jacket features shawl lapels which are detailed in black premium satin. Comes paired with Slim back pants made to tailer. One of our best sellers this tuxedo is perfect for any event. A must have for prom night!  –  this tuxedo never goes out of style.


Slim Indigo Tuxedo 

  • Color: Indigo+Black
  • Fit: Slim 
  • Jacket Lapels: Shawl 
  • Buttons: 1
  • Pant Style: Slim Black Pants - Plain Front 
  • Jacket Vents:  Side Vents 
  • Pattern: No 
  • MaterialViscose Blend


Deal Includes 

Classic Indigo Tuxedo 

- Black Pants

- Any Bowtie 

+ Matching Pocket square

- White Dress Shirt